The Field Surgeon display is part of the 18th Missouri Volunteer Infantry and the Union Battalion of the Southern Skirmish Association ( SoSkAn)

Formed in 2016 to provide Soskan with a different aspect on Field surgery, and an excellent display as well, the Field Surgeon display has been privately funded by Dave Edwards who has an interest in this field.
Although Soskan has it's own, separate Union Medical Unit, since it's formation the Field Surgeon display has offered an alternative, interesting, often bloody, interactive look into the front line medical aspect of the American Civil War.
Often populated by willing wounded volunteers and aided by nurses and orderlies, the display is enhanced by the quality of the medical equipment and "props" used. This display has been at many of Soskan's major events and has provided an excellent attraction for the public to view as a footnote to the battles that they watch.
If you want to find out more about this section of the 18th Missouri, please contact us.