Company E is run democratically by an Executive consisting of a Company Officer, Company Clerk and three co-opted members, whose positions are voted upon at the company AGM held at the end of season event .
The company's rank structure is based upon the Company strength to ensure a fair balance of Officers, NCOs and infantrymen. Soldiers are taught drill, weapon handling and safety procedures concerning the storage, safe handling and firing of black powder.                                   Living history campsites, tent layout, fire pits, cooking, gathering firewood and fetching water are all areas in which everyone takes a share .

We have our own State and National Colours which are flown proudly at every opportunity and especially when marching into battle. The Missouri state motto : 'UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL' is  emphasised  within our company activities.  We produce a company newsletter, produced monthly, known as "The Hornet's Nest"crammed full of  company news, events details, historic, up to date and re-enactor information.  The title of the newsletter is very relavant to the 18th Missouri.  Why ?   Contact us to find out !!

No military training or background is required to join the Company, our style of training is carried out at actual events during the summer and, occasionally,  specific training weekends during the winter. Please be aware that a reasonable level of fitness is required to take on the, sometimes, strenuous activities of the 18th Missouri ! Whilst no one will be denied membership on the grounds of disability or infirmity, you must be aware that we are a Military Living History & re-enactment group, who actively recreate the drill, tactics and fighting abilities of the soldiers of the American Civil War. Should you not be fit enough to take a full part in drill etc, there are many other aspects of Living History that you can take on: Camp duties, guard, publicity & recruiting table are all aspects that the less able can take a part in.

Information regarding uniform & equipment , muskets and licences is freely available and each new recruit ( or 'Fresh Fish' ) has a mentor, a trained infantryman, to lead him through the initial stages.   What to bring with you ? Just heaps of enthusiasm !

2019 was an excellent year for the company, seeing our numbers running at THIRTY EIGHT members and with excellent numbers at each event. TWENTY TWO infantrymen are able to take the field and provide the Union Battalion of SoSkAn with not only it's largest company, but also it's best equipped and trained. We look forward to the 2020 season, hopefully another year of excitement and enjoyment.
As a member, all we ask is that you work together with the other members of the Company to promote this period of history and our great hobby. Each member of the Company, male or female, young or old is encouraged to participate in as many events as possible and to commit fully to the principles of a hobby which brings to life the stories & lives of the brave men & women who were involved in, arguably, the most emotive and provocative period in the history of the United States of America.

If you would like to request an application form or find out more, please contact us by e mail on:

We are waiting to welcome you into our line of battle.
We look forward to you joining the BEST Union re-enactment company in the UK !