Although Company E is well established, and has the largest membership in the Union Battalion, we are always on the lookout for new recruits - or Fresh Fish !

The pages relating to the Company structure and About Co E will have given you an idea of how to join and what is expected of a new member , and the welcome pack supplied to new members has a wealth of information for new recruits.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions by prospective members:
What about my uniform ?
At first you will be equipped with items from the Company stocks and we can supply you with just about everything except footwear. When you join the company, we can loan you uniform , equipment, a drill musket and, if required, a tent for use at events.
How long can I keep the loaned items for ??
We encourage new members to purchase their own uniform and equipment as soon as possible. However it takes time & money to fully equip yourself, and not everyone can achieve this at once. We do encourage new members to have the basic clothing, footwear and equipment within a year, allowing loaned items to be passed on to the next batch of Fresh Fish..
When will my training start ??
Your training will commence at your first event - there's No time like the present!
I have a family interested in joining, what can they do at events ??
Company E is " family friendly" and has thriving Ladies and Cadets sections which they can become a part of, providing they wish to enter into the spirit of the Company

Above and right:
Fresh Fish undergoing drill training by an NCO