Company E Ladies Page................

Company E has a growing ladies section, made up of wives, partners and daughters who have an interest in the life and times of the American civil war, rather than just tagging along !
Our ladies take an active part throughout the season. wearing period dress, faithfully researched form archive photographs, and pay great attention to detail as to hairstyles, mannerisms and the etiquette of the day. Some ladies have created "impressions" of women of the era. We now have nine ladies who re enact in various capacities including as members of the Sanitary Commission who visited soldiers in camp and would, amongst a host of other things, see that the camp conditions were healthy, bring small comforts from home, and read & write letters for the soldier who could not. Of late our ladies have taken part in our new Field Surgeon scenario ( see the link on this page)
Hopefully this side of the Company will grow in the coming years.
Our ladies are full members Company E in their own right and are not expected to cook & clean for the soldiers, unless they wish to do so !
However, women are not just limited to being civilians - they can join the ranks as a fighting infantryman, providing they are willing to meet the criteria as laid down by the Soskan regulations. These rules relate to giving a passable appearance as a fighting man of the period. In fact, during the Civil war, many women disguised themselves, joined regiments as men and fought bravely. Some were only discovered when they were wounded or killed.