The 18th Missouri is a "family friendly" regiment and, over the years, we have had our share of Cadets and Juniors, mostly as family members who's parents are in the 18th. Often youngsters have no interest in what their parents are keen on and are dragged along to events that their parents attend, just because there is no where else for them to go. . Company E has always encouraged families to be a part of our regiment - after all we hope that these cadets and juniors will one day be full and active members of the company and , therefore, Soskan.

At the moment we have a regular group of Junior members, as trainee/ cadet Infantrymen and a Drummer who take part in all of the company's activities from drill to the battles themselves. They all have an avid interest for learning the history and the ways of the 1860's and don't attend just to "play cowboys" - although they do have a lot of fun during event weekends !
Soskan rules regarding our cadets' participation during battles do not allow them onto the battlefield until they reach the age of 14 (when they become junior members), and then only on passing certain safety requirements. When one of the cadets becomes able to take the field with the rest of the company, it leaves the others even more determined to progress in their skills - awaiting the day when they can finally "see the elephant ** " .

We would like to make you aware that we have some requirements for young people joining the company. If they are under 18 then they can only join with a parent's permission and then we have to talk with the parents about their offspring being left with a bunch of, initially, strangers for a weekend !

If, as a prospective member of Company E, you have a son or daughter with an interest then they will be made most welcome, although you must be aware that your child is your responsibility at events. They will be expected to take a full part in the activities of the Company and to dress in period clothing, as all active members of the Company are. Initially they can attend as civilian children ( orphans, waifs & strays!), guidance will be supplied on appropriate clothing etc, and can eventually join the ranks if they wish to.

** If you don't know what is meant by "seeing the elephant" then contact us  by email