2018 was another great year for Company E, 18th Missouri 18th attending all 11 events organised by SoSkAn.

March:  HIGHCLIFFE CASTLE Lots of drill, parades and musketry skills tests to get us set up for what was to become a very busy season indeed!

April: The Easter holiday weekend was planned to be held at  BELHUS WOODS PARK, ESSEX however  awful weather in the weeks before the event caysed us to cancel because of ground conditions.

May : The first Bank Holiday was a 3 day event, held at at  STRATFORD ARMOURIES MUSEUM, Stratford on Avon.. A return to this excellent location with our guests from the American Civil War Society.
Late May also saw the 18th taking a leading part in a Soskan Training weekend at WATFORD, HERTS. An excellent 3 day event with no public which gave us time to work on our skills for the rest of the season.

June; A return to QUEX PARK, KENT with a good  turnout for this one and the interaction with the public was excellent! Dry canvas as well !!

July: We attended two events this month. Firstly at HISTORY ALIVE, Stonham Barns, Suffolk. There was a small turnout by the company for this event, probably based on it’s location but the event itself was excellent and plans are already in place to revisit it next year with more boots on the field. We were the biggest Federal unit there and took in waifs and strays from 2 other Soskan companies.
July also saw us with a busy weekend where we attended both the OLD COULSDON FAIR in Surrey on the Saturday and the HYTHE RANGES OPEN DAY  in Kent on the Sunday.  Baking hot weather on both days and some very tired but happy people at the end of it !.

August Bank Holiday had us attending, as usual, the Military Odyssey event, held at the County Showground , Detling, Kent. Billed as the largest multi period living history event in the world, this hot and sunny weekend saw the show attended by tens of thousands of spectators. Soskan provided one of the biggest Living History displays at the event and we took part in an improved version of the live action, interactive scenario that we first used in 2016, improved on in 2017 and  made 2018 even better !. We took over a section of woods adjacent to our camp and all day for 3 days we operated an active living history scenario based on the Battle of the Wilderness, 1864 with a Field Surgeon display , a Command Tent with our very own General Ulysses S Grant, and Artillery emplacement and active Infantry skirmishes with us defending the frontline. The public was guided through this display and excellent comments were received from them and the organisers of the event.. Plus we were involved in 3 skirmishes through the weekend, in a large battle arena with a large amount of pyrotechnics to simulate cannon fire. This year we had 16 members attending during the weekend ! Our lady members were very active in getting the public to enter the “Wilderness” and to see what we do best. We noted a very high number public visitors to our Company street of 12 A frame tents, the largest company street in the Soskan camp. A brilliant event and to be repeated next season

In September we finally got to  BELHUS WOODS PARK . originally planned for easter !  A wet weekend with  quite alow turn out, however the 18th were, again,  the largest Union company.
October saw us at NEWHAVEN FORT, Newhaven, Sussex.  This was our end of season event and we garrisoned the fort with our Confederate comrades wearing blue for the weekend. Drill,  Firing and Artillery displays were held throughout the weekend.

So..... Once again the blue suits are now put away for the winter, the equipment has been cleaned, the tents dried & stored and the calendar is being ticked off until April 2019 ! We already have arrangements for 9 events and hopefully we will have more to add to the list.  If you want to come and see us ( and even join the company) take a look at the 2019 events page for details.

During this past year attendances by the 18th were good and in most cases we were the largest Federal company at each event. We enlisted 2 new members over the season, both of whom got straight into their training and all have progressed well.. .Whether faced by inclement weather, tiny arenas and last minute changes of plans, at every event the 18th Missouri showed the enthusiasm, professionalism, training, discipline, sense of humour and enjoyment which has made us the best company in SoSkAn !

If you would like to join the best company in Soskan, or would like to know more, please contact Chris Greenaway:
by email on:  hq@18missouri.co.uk